Cape provides a wide range of essential non-mechanical maintenance services in support of clients’ industrial assets, with cost-effective multi-disciplined service solutions, underpinned by rigorous safety procedures

Business environment

In 2010, Cape safely provided essential maintenance services on 245 operating industrial assets, both onshore and offshore.

Trends and insights
An increasing element of Cape’s business derives from maintenance and shutdown (production support) activities, growing from 51% of revenues in 2009 to 56% in 2010.

Cape provided essential maintenance services on 245 industrial assets during 2010
Growth of 5% in our maintenance and shutdown business

How we deliver

Maintaining large-scale production assets requires a service provider that can offer its clients innovative multi-disciplined integrated solutions and enhanced reliability. By applying principles of continuous improvement and innovation, we play a major role in helping our clients’ businesses and operations maintain and enhance their efficiency.

Cape works extensively with clients in the planning stage of their shutdown and outage programmes to maximise efficiency during the process.

The resulting peace of mind for clients is one of Cape’s key propositions, and this is enhanced further by world-class safety performance and an international reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.

Our strategy in action

Sakhalin LNG 2 with Exxon Neftegas.

Bayu-Udan Platform, Timor Sea
(East Indian Ocean) with ConocoPhillips.

SABIC’s Wilton Plant, UK.

Alcoa Kwinana Refinery, West Australia.

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