Cape plays a vital role in maintaining the smooth running of clients' operations, with our multi-disciplined teams working diligently in often hazardous conditions to ensure large, secure industrial assets are kept safe and in full working order.


Our skilled and experienced people provide essential industrial services throughout the lifecycle of your assets, maintaining strong and continuous working relationships from the build phase, through an asset's working life, all the way to extension of life and decommissioning projects.

In this section of the website you can read how we provide multi-disciplinary services throughout the construction phase, followed by a wide range of essential planned or emergency maintenance, all underpinned by rigorous safety procedures.

Following on from this phase, we can work closely with you on rejuvenation projects, devising an intelligent strategy to extend the useful life of your ageing industrial assets. Finally, we deliver a broad range of safe, reliable and intelligent services to support your decommissioning activities.

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