To help us meet our ultimate objective of no injuries and no detrimental effect to the environment, we communicate the level of safety we are aiming for in a relevant and distinctive way, through our CapeSafe brand. CapeSafe means everyone at Cape working towards the same Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) goals, which are designed to protect the well-being of all our people and the communities where we work.


Our CapeSafe brand creates identifiable consistencies internationally in the safety standards we uphold. It conveys the clear message of 'look after yourself, look out for others and return home safely', and that no job is left undone and we never compromise on safety. At Cape, safety is not just about being safe now, it is about being safe for the future and fit to enjoy life. Cape will work continuously towards the ultimate goal of being a completely incident and injury-free workplace.

CapeSafe also ensures we all understand and uphold Cape's core values of safety, reliability and intelligence, and observe the eight golden rules:

CapeSafe golden rules

1. Reporting unsafe acts and faulty workmanship – Always report faulty workmanship or unsafe acts to your line manager without delay, regardless of who might be responsible. Never ignore an unsafe situation.

2. Training and competency – Always make sure you are trained and have the right skill level for the job you have been asked to do.

3. Being fit for work – Do not work if you are unfit due to illness, fatigue or injury, or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4. Job-specific risk assessments, permits and authorisations – Always work to a job-specific risk assessment and ensure you have all the required documentation, authorisations, permits and licences.

5. Personal protective equipment – Always wear the required protective equipment for the job you have been asked to do.

6. Workplace control – Always ensure your workplace is safe and secure, with all necessary barriers, isolations and safety equipment

7. Fall prevention – Always use safety equipment that reduces the risk and impact of falling from height.

8. Safe operation of machinery, vehicles and equipment – Always operate machinery, vehicles or equipment safely, and only remove or disarm safety systems or devices when authorised.

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