High pressure water jetting offshore

Cape Environmental owns and operates an extensive fleet of jetting units and compatible specialist accessories, capable of various flows operating at pressures of up to 2,500 bar. We cover all aspects of HP and UHP water jetting, from deck cleaning and surface preparation to major pipe, vessel and exchanger work, including hot water pressure jetting and remote jetting techniques. We have a reputation for bringing new technology to the offshore sector, and our containerised mounted equipment is designed and certified to operate in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.


Process pipework

From a single access point, Aquadril can clean up to 300m of pipework, including directional changes and vertical sections, without the need for dismantling. It removes scale and debris using high-pressure water jetting, reducing downtime and overall job costs, and is suitable for all pipe diameters and most pipe materials. The system can also completely contain hazardous waste. Cape's Supergun system is suitable for non-production pipework cleaning and descaling online.

Heat exchangers

We can descale heat exchangers and associated pipework, and remove fouling to regain full operational efficiency. We are highly experienced in cleaning all components, which can help reduce the frequency of cleaning, minimise downtime and maximise plant production.

Pressure vessels and tanks

Removing product, by-product or corrosion can result in maximised capacity, increased throughput and better production levels, and therefore greater cost-effectiveness. We can offer unrivalled experience and expertise in tank and vessel cleaning.

Environmentally-safe internal caisson cleaning

Our environmentally-safe caisson cleaning system, Torpedo, can operate below water level to remove all scale and marine growth from the caisson interior and bring it to deck level for disposal. This prevents environmental contamination of the seabed or debris being sucked into the lift pumps on adjacent caissons.

FPSO cargo tank cleaning

Using efficient high-head lift pumping equipment, and low and high-pressure water jetting, we can clean cargo tanks and slop oil tanks quickly and safely before inspection and repair operations.

Cold cutting

We use a combination of high-pressure water with abrasive garnet to create a powerful tool for the cold cutting of steel, concrete and other composite materials. With no significant heat generation, this is a safe, effective and convenient alternative to hot cutting, ideal for cutting operations in potentially hazardous locations alongside live plant.

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