Storage Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Gasholders

Cape plc has acquired a world leader in the design, building and maintenance of storage tanks, heat exchangers and gasholders, with over 100 years' in-depth experience in UK and international markets.


The acquisition of Motherwell Bridge expands our impressive global capabilities on and offshore even further, and means we can now provide customers with a comprehensive range of related services that ensure accuracy, quality and safety at every stage. These include design, engineering, maintenance, on-site build and full project management.

Our highly skilled and experienced workforce completes all storage tank, gasholder and heat exchanger projects accurately and efficiently, keeping costly shutdown time to a minimum. Combining Motherwell Bridge’s rich heritage with Cape’s global footprint and progressive approach, we aim to continuously develop the industry’s technology – ensuring we can achieve higher quality builds faster – and increasing cost-effectiveness and peace of mind for our customers.

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