Cape through its subsidiary Motherwell Bridge / Clayton Walker is an acknowledged expert and market leader in providing specialist services for the design and on-site construction of gasholders and gas recovery systems worldwide.


Our international experience has helped us establish and expand a multinational client base, with customers on every continent. This is testimony to the durability and reliability of our services, in an industry that demands the highest standards of quality and safety.

We specialise in handling four main types of gasholders - Wiggins Type Dry Seal, M.A.N. Waterless, Klonne Grease Seal and Column Spiral Guided Water-Sealed.

Key gasholder services include:

  • gasholder design
  • supply of new gasholders
  • supervision and management
  • repair and maintenance
  • inspection
  • component replacement
  • conversion to Wiggins Type Dry Seal holders
  • decommissioning
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