Storage tanks

Cape through its subsidiary Motherwell Bridge, provides a comprehensive range of storage tank services, including storage tank design, construction, repair and maintenance for large diameter above-ground storage tanks all over the world.


Our specialist technical support covers bulk, atmospheric storage tanks of all shapes and specifications, from double deck roof repairs and floating roof tank installation, to the jacking of tanks of all sizes to allow foundation repair and floor replacement.

Cape’s unparalleled expertise and dedication to accuracy minimises shutdown time and related production losses. We complete projects with the utmost efficiency and safety, on time and within budget.

Building the world’s largest

With an emphasis on fixed and floating roof atmospheric storage tanks, our project portfolio includes designing and building the world's largest storage tanks twice in succession, each with a diameter of over 100 metres and capacities of up to 1.25 million barrels of crude oil.

Our specialist tank services include:

  • design and engineering
  • construction
  • repair and maintenance
  • sealing and emissions reduction
  • Term contracts
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