Cape has over 50 years' experience providing insulation services to the highest standards, across international markets. This makes us first choice for projects that require meticulous attention to safety, reliability and durability. We cover the full scope of insulation needs and can manage the entire process, from fabrication to supply, installation and maintenance.


By continually evaluating the potential of new materials and techniques to address the rapidly evolving insulation challenges, we can significantly reduce costs over the life cycle of an industrial asset. Since 1990 we have provided a range of cryogenic insulation services to more than half of all Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminal construction projects worldwide.

Refractory services

One of our specialities is providing heat-resistant lining for furnaces, reactors and other processing units. The materials we use are designed to withstand chemical attack, molten metal or slag erosion, thermal shock, catalytic heat and physical impact.

Our insulation disciplines include:

  • Thermal, acoustic, cryogenic and fire protection insulation
  • Asbestos management and removal
  • Sheet metal fabrication

Our refractory materials include:

  • Aluminium bricks
  • Firebricks
  • Silicon carbide bricks
  • Refractory castables
  • Ramming materials
  • European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF)

    Cape is a founding partner of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF), a non-profit foundation located in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The initiative is made up of Europe’s leading insulation companies to promote the benefits of sustainability and profitability of industrial insulation, not just to plant operators but also to raise awareness amongst investors and government organisations, about the contribution industrial insulation makes to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, while delivering a typical payback time of just one or two years.

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    Download the Ecofys Insulation Report commissioned by EiiF in association with Cape. The study identifies a large energy and CO2 savings potential from industrial insulation.

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