Specialist coatings

Cape provides specialist coating services in sometimes hazardous man-made environments. Our on and offshore experience – from shipyards to LNG plants, oil and gas refineries, blast furnaces and fabrication plants – means we have the understanding, expertise and highly-trained workforce to provide lasting, cost-effective and safe solutions to any surface preparation and coating project.


Our coatings services cover:

  • Process and storage equipment
  • Pipework and structural steel
  • Surface preparation
  • Degradation analysis and reporting
  • Full assessment of materials and technical recommendations
  • Rubber linings
  • Fireproofing
  • Non–metallic composite repair


With our combined knowledge and experience of working with structural fireproofing systems, we can offer some of the best technical and design advice available – from early project planning stages right through to construction. Our fireproofing techniques include cementitious and fibrous spraying, fire-cladding and intumescent coatings.

Non–metallic composite repair

Cape works with IMG Composites to provide a cost-effective composite repair solution for ageing on and offshore assets, principally piping, pipeline, plant and equipment that are affected by corrosion.

This technology helps avoid section and equipment replacement and hot work permits, therefore costly shutdowns of plant are avoided, saving significant cost and extending the asset's life.

Complex defects in bends, expansion joints, tee branches, storage tanks, pressure vessels etc. are easy to repair, and work complies with internal standards ISO/TS 24817 and ASMEPCC2.

Cape Marine and Offshore

The marine and offshore industry continues to face stricter environmental controls. With the acquisition of Shoreguard, our expertise now spans the full spectrum of environmentally-compliant techniques for surface preparation and associated coating application methods. Our ultra high pressure water jet cleaning techniques allow environmentally friendly and safe preparation and decontamination of equipment, removal of coating materials, paints, contaminates and disposal of residuals. We also continue to set the standard in containment procedures, enhancing traditional abrasive blasting practices, with our experience encompassing all types of abrasives, including aluminium oxide, garnet, glass bead and soda. The Marine and Offshore team is supported by our own team of professional engineers and NACE-certified coating inspectors.

Preservation services

Surface preparation

  • UHP / HP water jetting (up to 40,000 psi)
  • Abrasive medium blasting (wet and dry)
  • Tungsten removal (aluminium oxide)
  • Stainless steel passivation (glass bead)¥ Soda blasting
  • Mechanical tool preparation

Coating preservation

  • Hand application and stripe coating
  • Conventional and airless spray
  • Plural component pump
  • Metal arc spray (aluminium and zinc)

Protective coatings

  • Single tier systems
  • Multiple tier systems
  • Non-skid
  • Composite wraps


  • NACE/ACA condition surveys
  • Commercial diving inspection
  • QA/QC
    • Substrate adhesion
    • Cure test (rub, hardness)
    • Dust test
    • Profile (testex)

Decontamination and industrial cleaning

  • HP power-washing
  • LP power-ashing
  • Hot water washing and degreasing
  • Heat exchanger tube cleaning
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Lead paint and toxic paint removal¥ Vacuum recovery (trucks)
  • Marine growth removal
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