Cape's UK onshore operations support an impressive range of clients in oil and gas, power generation, nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, defence, shipbuilding, steel and manufacturing. With a peak of some 4,100 directly employed operatives, our services include access, coatings, insulation, asbestos removal, cleaning and project management offered as a bundled multi-disciplinary package, or as individual disciplines. Our client base is varied and wide covering "blue chip" organisations such as EDF, SABIC Petrochemicals, Scottish Power, Drax Power, RWE, BAE Systems, Sellafield Ltd, Eggborough Power, Novartis, Tata Steel, and Total to name but a few.

Cape has a long and proud history of operation in the UK, having been founded in London in 1893, and has since built an impressive portfolio of long-term partnerships in a wide range of sectors. Today, we move large numbers of skilled personnel and specialist equipment around the UK to support our clients' needs.

Everywhere we operate, safety is our number one priority, delivering a world-class safety performance throughout the business unit that has delivered a 72% statistical improvement over the last four years. This is reflected by the award of Global Contractor SHE Award we received from SABIC in 2008 and 2011, being Total UK's '2009 Contractor of the Year' in recognition of our "attitude, enthusiasm and strong culture towards Health", and winning Global '2010 Iberdrola Supplier Award' for Operational Safety and Health.

In addition, Cape Environmental Services is our industrial cleaning arm, and brings over 40 years' experience and industrial cleaning expertise to a wide range of clients in the UK and beyond, including BP, Dow Corning and, Tata Steel. We employ over 275 people, supporting our clients in onshore oil and gas, power generation, aggregate handling, chemical, defence, shipbuilding and steel sectors. Safety, efficiency and environmental impact are key considerations, and we work to internationally recognised ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Our services range from high-pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning, to high airflow vacuum and waste management, often in hostile, potentially hazardous working environments. Our specialist management team works with clients to establish achievable goals and reduce unnecessary impact on the environment, and wherever possible, we look into ways to provide our services more efficiently and to higher safety standards.


Some of our major current UK onshore projects include:

  • Resident on 23 major UK power generation sites (including the 8 EDF nuclear stations).
  • BAE Systems QEC aircraft carriers – UK-wide
  • Scottish Power – Opticon Agreement
  • SABIC Petrochemical – integrated maintenance contracts

We build enduring long-term partnerships with clients based on clear communication, a firm understanding of their business targets and alignment with their long-term aspiration goals, and by continually looking at ways to improve safety, reliability and efficiency in every service we provide. By being absolutely clear about cost and performance targets – and meeting or exceeding them on every project – we have established Cape as the supplier of choice to many clients across multiple sectors.

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