The safety of our people and those people around us is central to everything we do at Cape. Safety is a non-negotiable core value that remains even when other priorities may change. Our vision is Zero Harm Every Day, ensuring our people and anyone else affected by our activities get home safely every night. No matter how hazardous the environment, we believe that it is a leadership responsibility and management priority to continually de-risk our business wherever we work as we strive to achieve our vision.

As a responsible business that interacts with local communities, we treat our workers and those around us with respect. We have set a clear goal of improving industry standards on health, safety and welfare and are always conscious of our environmental impact. We constantly challenge ourselves and our management practices to ensure we deliver safe operations in a responsible, community minded manner.

The vast majority of our international operations already conform to the internationally recognised management standards:

  • OHSAS 18001 (health and safety).
  • ISO 14001 (environmental).
  • ISO 9001 (quality).

A positive health and safety culture and concern for the environment is not only essential for the welfare and morale of employees, but is also crucial to the future development and success of the Company.

Heath and safety

Cape invests significant resource into creating safer working environments:

  • assessing and engineering out risk
  • providing training to allow our teams to be both competent and confident
  • utilising new technology to enhance our employee understanding of risk, spacial awareness and ability to make decisions based on changing local circumstances.

Nothing we do is so urgent or so important that we cannot make the time to ensure that it is done safely or with due responsibility to the communities we are working in.

Whilst we measure our performance on industry standard benchmarks, we are acutely aware that without a fanatical focus on risk control and being proactive in our approach, the environments in which we work in can be unforgiving.

To help us meet our vision of Zero Harm Every Day, we ensure our workers are at the forefront of our efforts by encouraging, engaging and enabling their involvement in managing risks. This culture will be fundamental to our H&S journey moving forward.

Our CapeSafe brand creates identifiable consistencies internationally in the safety standards we uphold. It conveys the clear message of 'look after yourself, look out for others and return home safely', that no job is left undone and we never compromise on safety. At Cape, safety is not just about being safe now, it is about being safe for the future and fit to enjoy life.

CapeSafe also ensures we all understand and uphold Cape's core values of safety, reliability and intelligence, and observe the eight golden rules:

Cape virtual reality safety training


High standards of staff health and welfare are essential to the success of Cape and as such we continue to strengthen our medical assessment and rehabilitation processes, supported by our health and welfare service providers. Core elements, which take account of the specific risks associated with the operation an individual will be performing, include:

  • a robust medical assessment is completed prior to an offer of employment;
  • risk mitigation plans; and 
  • ongoing health surveillance programme.

Our remote and offshore facilities have on-site medical teams and occupational health support which is freely offered to our employees. We also run comprehensive programmes to monitor the health of our employees


Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)* and Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) 2009-2016

HSSE Graph desktop.jpg

*TRIR is measured in alignment with the stringent criteria outlined by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers.

Our safety performance remains ahead of industry norms and on a regular basis, we receive awards from our blue chip customers that are a testament to the commitment of all of our employees to our strong safety culture.

Health and safety awards

Our commitment to deliver superior execution with an uncompromising approach to safety remains paramount. The Cape brand provides our customers with the reassurance that critical support services for their plant maintenance and construction needs will be provided efficiently and safely. This was again acknowledged by our customers during the year with many prestigious awards including:

Region Date Award Site(s) Customer
UK May 2016 2016 EDF Energy Generation Zero Harm Innovation Award   EDF Energy
UK May 2016 European Contractor Gold Award for 2015 HSSE performance across UK SABIC Teesside sites Teesside, UK SABIC
UK Sep 2016 Order of Distinction for 22 consecutive Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Gold Awards Motherwell Bridge  
UK  March 2016 AstraZeneca 2015 Gold Award Macclesfield and Alderley Park AstraZeneca
Middle East Aug 2016 Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  
Middle East Aug 2016 Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Bahrain  
Middle East Jun 2016 Silver Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Oman  
Middle East Oct 2016 SHE Award for Best Contractor 2016 Bahrain Banagas

Middle East

Nov 2016 4.5 million man hours without LTI Qatar Power Qatar Power Company

Asia Pacific

Jul 2016 1 Year Goal Zero HSSE performance Malampaya,
Transfield Services Worley Parsons

Asia Pacific

Sep 2016 Silver Medal at KLE Our Safety Culture Champion Cup Karratha Gas Plant, Australia Woodside

We recognise, however, that such lag indicators only tell where we have had incident but not about how we can prevent or improve. Our strategy since 2014, has been firmly focused on measuring our inputs that set up safe working environments – our leadership involvement, our site based ownership, our training delivery and our adherence to our standards and management systems. By continuing to improve on these elements, we will reduce our possibilities of incident ever closer to zero.


Our Group Security function ensures that our employees operate securely around the globe. It assesses the threats to the security of our people, assets, projects, operations and reputation.

The security team works with all our staff to ensure awareness is maintained regarding travel and security procedures and is fully committed to creating a secure working and travel environment for all our personnel while also ensuring the security of our physical assets.


In most places, we work onsite at our customers’ facilities and therefore have limited control over these environments. What we can control is ensuring we operate in a responsible, community minded manner. This is achieved by detailed review, planning and delivery to ensure our operations can be as sustainable as possible, limiting any habitat disruption.  In addition, for our own premises, we mandate local management and staff initiatives to continually reduce our carbon footprint. At a corporate level, we gather data and analyse, with the help and support of the Carbon Trust, potential programmes to reduce our impact.