Cape own and operate an extensive fleet of jetting units and compatible specialist accessories covering all aspects of high pressure (HP) and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting, combining high-pressure water with abrasive garnet to create a powerful tool for the cold cutting of steel, concrete and other composite materials.

Being able to provide and apply the solution to many different applications only comes through investment in the right equipment and experience gained in undertaking such works in many different situations, for many different activities.

Cold cutting operations are vital in industry today, with benefits including:

  • Removing risks associated with hot work activities in and around live working plant;
  • Preservation of inherent metallic structures by not creating a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ); and
  • Reduced material loss through improved cut widths and tolerances.


Our capabilities

  • Fully self-contained containerised HPWJ units with cold cutting ancillaries
  • Multiple orientation cutting (varied radius surfaces, small through to large)
  • ‘Scorpion’ magnetic track system for magnetic applications
  • ‘Blast Track’ manually fixed track system for non-magnetic applications
  • Pipe cutting rings to ensure accurate circumferential cuts
  • Ballistic ceramic plates (Used to protect surrounding process plant during smaller cuts)
  • Innovative stainless steel chain mail protective shrouds available
  • Abrasive ‘garnet’ is environmentally friendly
  • Containerised and mounted equipment is designed and certified to operate in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas

We are proud of our strong reputation for problem solving and our innovative approach to the works we undertake.

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