Cape have an extensive and impressive track record in the delivery of services associated with both fixed and shell and tube bundle heat exchangers, whether that be design and manufacture, off-site refurbishment or on-site repair, including spade to spade services.

These services are provisioned through Capes strategically positioned onshore facilities supporting our customer’s onshore and offshore operations.

Our capabilities:

  • Design and manufacture of shell and tube exchangers, including shell, bundle and component parts
  • Factory repair and refurbishment including any design and technical approval
  • On-site, offshore spading and exchanger dismantle including bundle pulling using our own hydraulic bundle pulling equipment
  • On-site and offshore tube cleaning using high-pressure water jetting and ultra-high pressure water jetting techniques, including to IRIS standard
  • Inspection services
  • In-situ and workshops machining
  • In-situ and workshops pressure vessel repairs, including plate inserts, over plating and weld overlay
  • On-site and offshore re-assembly including tubeside and shellside pressure testing, and remedial repairs


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