Cape can provide both pressure testing and pigging services throughout its operations across a wide range of applications, dealing with instances such as integrity testing, assurance testing, leak testing, mechanical and chemical cleaning.

Our experienced employees are able to adapt our service to offer tailor-made, bespoke solutions aimed at meeting customer requirements in a diverse environment, often finding no two solutions are ever the same.

Our capabilities

  • Test pack engineering, i.e. developing test circuits, including loadings, restraints and volumes
  • Pressure test procedure development, based on medium, ambient temp, test conditions, and asset to test
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic testing of established systems/vessels, newly fabricated items and newly installed systems and or field installations
  • Line drying post hydraulic testing
  • Small bore and large bore pigging using launchers and catchers aimed at effluent control
  • Removal of process contaminants using wire brush or razor back pigs
  • Chemical dipping of pigs for drying or metal treatment


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Cape in action: Pressure testing and pigging

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