Cape operate and own a high-pressure membrane filter press capable of processing oily sludge to remove a substantial proportion of the water and hydrocarbon content to form a solid cake suitable for disposal in land fill sites. The unit maximises the level of hydrocarbon returned to the customer for reworks.

Cape also have the technology and capability of a Thermal Desorption technique for the treatment of contaminated wastes, in particular for oily sludges and contaminated soils for remediation. This technique may be employed together in a suite of treatment processes including concentration / dewatering techniques e.g. centrifuging or filter pressing.

Our capabilities


Membrane Press

  • Onsite trial methodology using pilot press
  • Own and operate a 25bar system
    • Unique membrane design
    • Integral screw conveyors
    • ATEX standard
    • Enhanced oil recovery
    • High quality filtrate

 Thermal Desorber

  • Own and operate a low temperature thermal desorber system
  • Infrared radiant heat
  • Condensing treatment system
  • Vacuum extraction fan

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Cape in action: Sand and soil remediation

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