Our strength is our ability to offer complete refractory life-cycle packages, from design and engineering, through selection and procurement of materials, to installation, commissioning, maintenance and finally demolition.

We work closely with our customers to understand the project technical specifications and any geographical limitations. We then research the market and offer impartial independent evaluation and sourcing of applicable materials.

Our design expertise encompasses:

  • Various refractory retention systems
  • Various refractory types:
    • Monolithic Linings (cast and gunned)
    • Brick Linings (dense and insulation)
    • Fibre Linings and installations
    • Silicon Carbide Tile systems (Tube wall and Burner Quarls)
    • Special Shapes o Fireproofing
  • Various work methods:
    • Demolition planning
    • Gunite installation
    • Casting installation
    • Brickwork installation
    • Tile system installation
    • Formwork

Our highly-skilled craftsmen are experienced in working with all types of materials, including bricklaying, gunning, casting, ramming, hand packing, pumping and applying fibrous products in slab, blanket and modular forms. Their focus on safety and delivering operational excellence ensures a high-quality service.


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Cape in action: Design, supply and installation

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Cape in action