Cape provides specialist coating services in the maintenance and capital project environment to prevent corrosion of bare exposed surfaces or prepare piping and equipment that is to be insulated and clad.

Our extensive experience in a variety of industrial environments, from shipyards to LNG plants, oil refineries, blast furnaces and offshore production platforms, across a broad spectrum of markets, including oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical, nuclear and defence, means that we have the understanding and expertise to provide our customers with long-lasting, cost-effective and safe solutions to any surface preparation and coating project.

The marine and offshore industry continues to face stricter environmental controls. Our expertise now spans the full spectrum of environmentally-compliant techniques for surface preparation and associated coating application methods. We also continue to set the standard in containment procedures, enhancing traditional abrasive blasting practices, with our experience encompassing all types of abrasives, including aluminium oxide, garnet, glass bead, soda and dry-ice (CO2). Our Marine and Offshore team is supported by our own team of professional engineers, along with NACE and other certified body coating inspectors. 

Our ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning techniques allow environmentally friendly and safe preparation and decontamination of equipment, removal of coating materials, paints, contaminants and disposal of residuals.

Working closely with our customers to understand their needs, our highly-skilled teams can undertake extensive coatings works as either a single discipline or as part of a wider, integrated service offering.

Our coatings services for carbon steel, stainless steel and other more exotic substrates include:

  • Process and storage tanks and equipment
  • Pipework and structural steel
  • Surface preparation
  • Degradation analysis and reporting
  • Full assessment of materials and technical recommendations
  • Tank and pit linings
  • Fireproofing

Our capabilities

  • Safe and cost-effective surface preparation, including dry and wet abrasive blast cleaning
  • Safe and cost-effective track blasting techniques, high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting
  • Tungsten removal (aluminium oxide)
  • Stainless steel passivation (glass bead) 
  • Soda blasting
  • CO2 (dry ice) blasting
  • Application of coating systems to prevent corrosion and provide good aesthetics
  • Comprehensive range of specialist protective coatings to external structures, tank internals, concrete surfaces, ships and offshore modules
  • Typical coatings include:
    • Inorganic / Organic Zinc Rich Primers
    • Two Pack Epoxy and Polyurethane Mid and Topcoats
    • Polysiloxane systems
    • Phenolic Epoxy Tank-linings and CUI mitigation
    • Plural component applied materials
  • Coating systems using conventional / airless and plural component spray techniques
    • Single tier systems
    • Multiple tier systems
    • Non-skid
    • Composite wraps
  • TSA – thermally spray aluminium
  • PFP – Passive Fire Protection (cementitious, lightweight cementitious and intumescent)
  • PCSP – Passive Cryogenic Spill Protection
  • Inspection, testing and surveying
    • NACE/ACA asset condition surveys
    • Commercial diving inspection
    • Production of all QA/QC documentation with customer agreement, including project specific inspection test plans, covering
      • Substrate adhesion
      • Cure test (rub, hardness)
      • Surface testing for salts and chlorides
      • Dust test
      • Profile (Testex)


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